The Website Launches (nearly)

I’ve set up a website for my writing activities. It was uploaded to the host today. The excitement of achieving this technical feat was qualified by the fact you can’t actually see anything but the holding page of the company who sold me the webspace.   I’m waiting for an email telling what I’ve done wrong. The site is very basic – cobbled together from one of the templates which came with the software. A few linked pages with credits, contact details and the like.  The biggest problem (aside from the fact that no one can see the thing) is a lack of photos. The one on the home page makes me look like a raddled derelict.  I’ve spoken to my photographer and ordered one which makes me look younger, more intelligent, sexually attractive and thoughtful. She laughed when I outlined the brief for reasons which probably have to do with f-stops and lighting angles. We are apparently going to experiment.

In about half an hour I’m off to Edinburgh to dance some tango. The link between writing and tango (or rather not-writing and tango) probably deserves a post to itself.

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