Updating on the Fly

Day one in Edinburgh. The flight left at 6.50 yesterday and we bussed it from the airport, walked to the hotel, and still managed to arrive at the evening milonga early. Too tired to dance well, but a pleasant enough evening all the same. Today we’ve done the art shops and galleries. Came across a wonderful painting full of malignancy called The Oncologists in the Scottish Portrait Gallery.The Oncologists Also an exhibition by Joan Eardley with some fine semi-abstract seascapes. We stopped for coffee in a delicatessen (excellent) where K managed to take some photos as part of the attempt to get something that will replace my derelict-on-meths image on the website. Back at the hotel we downloaded them and got to work with iPhoto, adding about 4 different overlays onto the best of the shots and finished up with a black and white portrait that makes me look like someone less likely to attract the attention of the police. I then fired up Dreamweaver and uploaded the thing onto the web where it now graces my home page.

After a short siesta we headed to the Tango Cafe where we had an afternoon’s relaxed dancing and good cakes. All in all a promising day so far, and we’ve still got a meal to look forward to with T and K and the Bailongo Tango Ball. Tomorrow we’re on the trail of Alan Ramsay at the National Gallery.

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