The Notebook

It took me a while to find the notebook on Allan Ramsay but it makes interesting reading. Not least because the date on the front is 11th October 1994. It still feels like rich territory. Alan Ramsay’s son painted after the boy’s deathReading it today I feel less inclined to excavate Ramsay’s life and I’ve spent a couple of hours exploring the possibility of shifting the whole thing to the present day. I’m still thinking of it in terms of radio, but I’m going to come up against the problem of a downbeat story – or at least one exploring fairly dark territory. R4 prefers a touch more optimism than this will allow. Still, I can’t worry about that at the moment. Something to come back to.

Yesterday I put together a version of Bentwater Roads which tried to integrate the different stories. Some of the transitions work, some clearly don’t. It’s going to be interesting working out why.

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