An Unexpected Bonus

I’ve spent a few days working on the new version of Bentwater Roads.  Written a new first scene and reworked the structure of the opening.  The plan is to try to have a complete version to send to Ivan by the Christmas holiday.  And then today – entirely unplanned – I found myself typing an opening to the radio play. It genuinely took me by surprise.  I was literally walking through from the kitchen with a cup of coffee when the first line popped into my head and I promptly sat down and wrote the first few minutes.    A beginning like this is more significant than it might sound.   Up to this point all I had was an idea and the sketchiest notion of a story. Now all that’s changed. Not only do I have the sound of a voice, and a situation that’s starting to unfold, I have something much more important.  This handful of  lines has nailed the dramatic world where all this is going to take place.  And finding that is the moment when despite everything you still have to do, you feel the first surge of adrenaline and think – yes, this is going to work.

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