Update and strategy

I now have a new radio producer in PK. We’ve all agreed that I can still work with JW as well so I have an independent producer as well as one in-house. The proposal for The Lodger is being considered and PK thinks the grand guignol aspect might put it in a preferred category. “But who knows” he says.  Beyond that my agent (D) has forwarded a request from The Street for storylines for Series 3.  I spent a couple of hours looking at possibilities thinking I could rework a story originally intended as a one-off.  Instead I came up with something entirely new called Liz and Leo.  D has already submitted it and when she offered a sample script in support was told no, the producers are already familiar with my work. Which I think is encouraging. The photographer idea which has become The Boy in the Room is looking better and better. D has other irons in the fire and she’s even promised to talk to DB following the acrimonious parting of the ways over the horror script when I walked after finding it impossible to work with the team – the first time this has ever happened.  She also wants me to look at an idea for a two/three/or four-parter I worked up some years ago called Heygarton. It’s a multi-stranded narrative involving the death of a young girl set in London/Norwich and a Norfolk village. Four different stories start at entirely separate geographical locations and all converge on the village. She thinks the time might be right.

All of which presents the problem of what to turn to first.  The obvious thing to do is finish the outline for The Boy in the Room and get it to PK and D. Then turn to Heygarton. For now, Bentwater Roads will have to wait.

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