TDV’s and other things

Email from PK wondering if we could extend The Lodger to 60′ as there seems to be a policy in place of not doing period pieces in the afternoon slot. This is one of those passing diktats that will last until one of the regular producer meetings when someone will have a brilliant idea and suggest livening up the afternoon play by varying the relentless diet of contemporary offerings with a bit of historical colour.  I told him I thought the short answer was no. Pushing it to 60′ would be spreading the material too thinly. So it looks as if Mrs Belloc-Lowndes goes back into the bottom drawer for now.  I’ve sent him the outline of The Boy in the Room.  It’ll be interesting to see what he makes of it. I still think there may be a better way of telling the story. Also on the radio front I’m giving a three-hour workshop on radio drama to the UEA script writing MA next week. I must look out some notes.

I’ve begun work on Heygarton. It was originally offered as a four-parter which would probably rule it out now. Things have to move fast these days – I blame children’s telly which seems designed for an audience with ADHD. I’m going to see if it can be reduced to two parts. To do this I might have to drop one of the narrative threads. There’s an obvious candidate.  The quirky story of the medical appliance salesman whose aunt leaves him a house in the village. I’m very fond of the character and the humour of his attempts at making a life for himself, but as a narrative it doesn’t impinge directly on the other stories. Which may mean it has to go.

Writing is also being disrupted at the moment by an attempt to move our tango website from one host to another and work out how to set up email addresses, configure outlook, and handle Dreamweaver to update the thing. After a full day on it yesterday I’m now in the position of having moved the domain but not the site which is presumably floating somewhere in cyberspace beyond my reach.  On top of that a call at 8.30 this morning from BT’s Delhi branch. I’m being billed for calls by BT while on a free calls package with Virgin. Virgin told me I had to get BT to correct it. Delhi say it’s Virgin’s fault.  I feel a time deficit vortex coming on.

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1 Response to TDV’s and other things

  1. your only reader says:

    It’s hell being a writer . . .

    It’s even worse being a writer who needs to ask the blogger via ordinary email how to respond on his comments page.

    But the greatest hell of all is knowing that no one other than you is going to read this.

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