Time Management

I ended a frustrating day yesterday cruising You Tube and came across a lecture on Fulfilling Your Childhood Dreams by Randy Pausch who’s dying of cancer. It managed to be watchable despite the emotional freight. This was linked to another lecture he’d given earlier in the year on one of the most seductive topics for freelancers of any stripe -Time Management. I’ve been here before. More than once. Chasing the illusion that a filing cabinet and an electronic diary would magically tether the wastes of unstructured time into productive sessions at the keyboard. I still managed to spend an enjoyable hour listening to it all again. I’ve consequently spent this morning clearing the desk with the zeal of the newly converted. I do this despite the nagging suspicion that actually what I really need to produce anything worthwhile is just the wastes of unstructured time I’m trying to get rid of. Never mind. Nothing creates the illusion of work better than putting some pieces of paper in a file and labelling it and just now lumbered with a brain without a creative thought in it, the illusion will do.

I may need a file to hold my new mantras. “If you have to eat a frog, don’t spend too much time staring at it.” And the useful corollary “If you have to eat three, start with the biggest one.” Terrific. I can feel my productivity surging already. Or at least I will the moment I’ve blocked in my diary – possibly with several different colours – with the structure it so obviously lacks.

You can tell Pausch is in the major league when it comes to TM because he advocates 3 monitors for your computer. Ridiculous. I’m just about to set up a spare and see what happens. This could be the breakthrough I’ve been waiting for.

Later. Wow. Pausch knows what he’s talking about. I’ve been busy since first thing. In particular I’ve visited PC World, John Lewis, Currys Digital and Maplins in search of the adapter that will enable me to plug the spare screen into the Mac’s mini div socket. Unfortunately they don’t have one. So I can probably fill the gap between now and the early lunch I’ve blocked out scouring the web for one.

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