The Cuddly in Pursuit of a Serial Killer

The thriller seems to be going well – at least I’m enjoying writing it, which of course is not the same thing. The idea is still owned by Granada who originally put it into development after a posh lunch at the top of the Oxo Tower where I’d been encouraged to spill whatever ideas I had kicking round in the back of my mind onto the starched white tablecloth. (The meal was good but spoiled by flunkeys who dived in to fill your wine/water glass after every sip.) As I recall it we’d reached the coffee and hand-made truffles before I mentioned this one. Inevitably it’s about a serial killer. The first draft of the treatment did the rounds and the general feeling was (a) it was a bit dark and (b) perhaps – as the killer was a woman – our hero ought to fall in love with her. Several drafts down the line they were getting hot and sweaty in a darkly masochistic sort of way that stopped some way short of being “in love”. This was deemed to be progress. After that it all went smoothly until the moment when their enthusiasm turned overnight into a decision to drop it. The general feeling (ie. no-one will actually step up and say, this is what I think) was that (a) it was (still) a bit dark and (b) while Ken Stott was allowed to be murky (Messiah- style) what they had really wanted was a serial killer who could be caught by David Jason or someone equally cuddly. So at that point it went into The Bottom Drawer (see below). I’ve opened it up several times since then and still think it’s a good story. Now all I have to do is prove it.

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