On the radio front, PK has failed to respond to emails and phone messages for two months. Last week I had an unsatisfactory 2 line email which just says he’s had a bereavement and all his offers are on hold.  I spoke to D today and she agrees that given his previous track record with us using him as our contact in the department doesn’t look like a workable arrangement. She is going to make some discreet inquiries. This leaves The Boy In The Room unread as far as we can tell.  I phoned JW after getting his email and offered a separate 45′ (Sea Holly). As I expected it’s too late for this commissioning bout but she liked the idea and is going to submit it next time round.

Since the Jimmy McG idea is on hold (perhaps indefinitely) I’ve taken time out and produced a treatment for a series. Cash Dogs was going to be just a side of A4 explaining the premise, but as I worked on it the thing started to unfold and I’ve finished up with an outline of 6 episodes and suggestion for the trajectory of series 2. It’s now with D.

All of which means that tomorrow I can get back to the thriller with a clear conscience.

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