More radio

The dialogue with J at R4 continues about The Boy in the Room. The idea is getting stronger as we work it. Or at least that’s the way it feels.

T has just emailed me this from a Tim Winton radio interview.

But there are some days when you just can’t believe your luck and other days where you know it’s just not going to rain for five years. But it’s a really strange… The only other analogy I can give you is it’s a strange way to live a life where you have to live by your wits – like pulling a rabbit out of a hat, and some days you’re not sure if there’s a rabbit in the hat and other days you’re not sure if you’ve got the hat. But you’ve just got to go there and hope that something shows up. And there’s a kind of discipline in going to the empty desk, the empty page, and waiting. It’s not for something to fall out of the sky on you. It’s something…for you to be in the right space, to remember where you’re at. And once I achieve a certain kind of momentum, then I’m OK. But it’s sort of getting up to warp speed that takes me a lot of energy.


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