Life gets bigger

I’m sitting with the laptop at the main Toyota dealers while they change the battery on my ageing Corolla. The telly’s on and the people ahead of me in the queue are following Wimbledon just enthusiastically enough to make it difficult to concentrate. Still, it’s been a productive day so far. I set off early this morning to sort some plumbing problems and on the way back called in at PC World to buy a monitor. My eyes had been suffering staring at the laptop’s 13” widescreen. I came away with something about the size of a football pitch. It works too. In the hour between an early lunch and heading for the garage I managed to send off the latest version of the radio proposal to J with an optimistic note saying that at last I felt the story was there. He may not agree of course.

But back to the screen. I can have the text large enough to read without limiting it to half a dozen lines. I can have the proposal and a set of notes alongside each other rather than toggling backwards and forwards between the two. Final Draft looks good too, with the postcards of the scene navigator sitting alongside the script. Everything looks bigger and brighter. I bet in about three days it’ll look entirely normal and I’ll be wishing it was bigger.

The Rivarolas are at Bylaugh. As soon as the car’s done I’m heading out for a Masterclass. So not much chance of getting more work done today. Even if I manage to get back in reasonable time – and that’s unlikely – there’s the season finale of House on Channel 5. It’s the second instalment of a two-parter. Last week’s was terrific. I hope it hasn’t peaked too soon.

Later: email from J at R4. He thinks the proposal looks good. He’s putting it forward in the autumn offers round.

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