The Cop Show

Chased D to find out if there had been any response to the cop show outline. (No, of course the world doesn’t need another cop show, but this one’s different. No time travel, see?  Well, very little.) She was making all the right noises so I suggested sending it to K at Talkback North who likes me. Good idea she said. So off it goes. And bounces straight back with an automatic response saying K was on maternity leave and suggesting all communications should be referred to the Head of Development in London.  I fired off an email introducing myself and asking if she wanted to take a look.  Yes she said, but they’ve already got 3 cop shows in development so don’t hold your breath. Ah, but this one’s different I mouthed, no time travel, you see, and sent it off with a cc to D.  Ten minutes later the phone rings. It’s D. I’ve sent it to the wrong person – the H of D instead of my contact. I explained about the baby problem. Leave it with me, she said, I’ll sort it out. An hour passes and the phone goes again. D has sorted it out. Apparently they’ve got some cop shows in development so I shouldn’t hold my breath.

Ah, but not like this one…

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