Darwin and The Bluethroat

After watching yet another excellent doc about Darwin I started the day with a good idea. It ocurred to me that the screenplay for The Bluethroat currently languishing in the bottom drawer is, among other things, about the emergence of Eugenics – Darwinism’s dark shadow.  It may be a bit late in the day to link it to the Darwin festivities but even so I’d be daft not to try and exploit this little bit of leverage. I phoned D who thought it was a fine idea. She agrees BBC 4 might be the place to start and has asked for a short pitch. Sent this off this afternoon – mercifully before the drumming started. (See below).  So far The Bluethroat has been a stage play and two radio plays. If we sell this script the musical can’t be far off.  Sing-along-a-Darwin. It might just work.

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