Feeling the Heat

At six thirty this morning the temperature in the office was 23 degrees.  I’m following the new regime. Windows open until the sun gets on them. Then close the windows and the blinds and work in the muggy gloom. It seems to help. Best of all is shifting the pattern of the working day.  Getting up at six and getting to the desk early gives me a few hours before the heat becomes impossible.  At this point I move to office space no 2 – the hammock. It’s not always easy to convince other people that lying in the shade in sunglasses and floppy hat counts as work but of course that’s pure short-sightedness on their part. The weight of mental labour that goes on between sips of cold fizzy water and the odd strawberry is at times so challenging  I have to drop off for a while  to recover.

The house has become very cosmopolitan with the arrival of lodgers from France and Spain. We’ve lost J, the rollerblading Czech, who left on Saturday.  So it will probably take a few days for the place to find its new rhythm.

TBITR is back on track, but the complexity of the structure is making progress slow. Major re-write of the first act under way.

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