Radio Drama

Ran a workshop on radio drama for the UEA MA in Scriptwriting this week. A small group but plenty of enthusiasm. And it was good to see what looked like some genuine interest in radio. The drama studio was fully booked so we were shunted out to a former primary school on a corner of the UEA site. The kids’ chairs had been replaced by modern seminar furniture and there were white boards and computers linked to an overhead projector. There would also have been a sound system to play the extracts I’d brought along as illustrations but at 8 in the morning I’d had a call to say that for reasons that involved a sick dog the sound system wasn’t going to make it.  Unless, that is, I drove over to the studio first to collect it and then delivered it back afterwards.  Would there be anywhere to park, I asked?  Well, no, there wouldn’t. So I went on the bike with my own more modest sound system in the panniers. Evidently the annex’s refurbishment budget had stopped at the toilet door. The urinals and sinks were still kiddie sized and comically close to the floor. Best of all was the hand drier  blowing hot air from a position on the wall just above my knees.

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