After the Swarm

United two hives yesterday.  If you just put the two lots of bees together they get arsey and fight. So instead you separate the two boxes by a sheet of newspaper pricked with tiny pinholes. By the time the bees have chewed through the Sunday Times they’ve got used to each other’s smell and should get on fine. I’m left with three boxes each containing a queen cell, some stores and some bees, and one hive that is ridiculously tall and filling up with honey. This second colony was on the point of swarming too so Patrick and I are adopting the time-honoured tactic of removing the incipient queen cells and crossing our fingers. If we can stop them swarming for another week or so I should be in the position to take off some early season honey. While all this was going on the windows in the front room were open and we could hear K and the tango band rehearsing for tomorrow’s performance.

Baked a large sourdough white and two wheatcraft, rye, wholemeal and spelt loaves made with a sourdough leven.  And today I’m meeting the surveyor in Brightlingsea where we are going to lower the mast on the boat and try to work out if the slight curve we can see from the side is a problem. Not much writing in this list. Still, rehearsals start for the play on 1st June.  And Ivan has dangled the possibility of a community play in Peterborough if the company can find the funding.

Things could be worse.

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