Rehearsals are under way for the Bentwater Roads. I went over for the first couple of days and I’ll go back at the end of the week to watch them run the opening section. It’s strange watching something that has been sitting on the desk for so long. Something like 8 1/2 years.  I find myself watching scenes I’d forgotten about. Actually, that’s not strictly true. What I’ve forgotten is the experience of writing them. So at this stage they could easily have been written by someone else. It’s a relief to find I quite like what this other person has done.

I’m busy running the facebook pages of two of the leading characters. The idea is to see if we can start the narrative running before the show opens – at least for those with the benefit of a facebook account. The parallel blog Writing Bentwater Roads is getting some reasonable traffic. Getting 200 people a night out to a hangar in the middle of Suffolk is going to be a challenge – particularly with minor distractions like the World Cup to deal with.

It should all be over by the middle of July – about the same time our tango commitments finish for the summer. Then all we’ll have to do is spend six weeks on the boat. (Which still isn’t in the water yet.) Six weeks, that is, with regular visits to base to check on the bees. Speaking of which – here’s the apiary as of today.

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