Over to the rehearsal studio for the first time in over a week.  Things had moved on. I watched a run of the second half and found myself filling up in scenes I’d grown accustomed to on the page.  The read-throughs and early work on the play had been pretty low-key. Now that we’re beginning to get closer and the actors – for the most part –  are more secure they are no longer holding back. Richard’s outburst in the crucial scene with Nadia was extremely powerful. With the addition of lights, setting and an audience it could be devastating. As ever my favourite part of the entire play is a little throw-away exchange at the close of one of the scenes with the American pilot. By itself it seems to be nothing. But in context it’s electrifying. I had worried that it was underwritten but watching it in the rehearsal room it was clear I needn’t have worried.

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