A sourdough crisis

Bad news on the bread front. The sourdough starter that I have been using to make bread for the last two years or so has given up the ghost. I’m not sure why. It’s usually quite vigorous. I feed it every two or three days with fresh flour and water and overnight it will bubble away and eventually produce the most fabulous bread. Not any more.  The starter pot contains a lifeless white goo that is refusing to revive.  One possible explanation is the presence of some Milton sterilising fluid in the bakery (or the utility room as its sometimes known). I’ve used this to clean out the drinking water containers for the boat and I suppose it’s just possible there has been some cross contamination with utensils. It seems unlikely I have to say but no other explanation is presenting itself. I don’t suppose it would take very much to kill off the natural yeasts in the starter. I have some leaven left over from the last batch of brown bread I made so I’m going to use this to kick off another starter which I will then feed with white flour. This is going to take a few days – if it works – and in the meantime I may have to resort to using bakers yeast instead.

Service temporarily interrupted

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  1. tony g says:

    One is concerned . . .

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