Reviews and Rigging

The show is open and a few online reviews are starting to trickle in. We’re due a mention in The Times tomorrow. On Saturday I went over and met my agent D and her husband as well as assorted friends and family.  The show was faster but didn’t quite have the intensity of opening night.  That’s only to be expected and now it should be able to settle down and find its rhythm. I’m meeting D at the weekend to discuss future possibilities. She’s anxious to talk to me about Jimmy McGovern’s new series and building on our previous contacts.  Whether anything comes of this is anyone’s guess.

This morning I drove over to Martham and met Pat who dismantled all the rigging on Gypsy Roma  and put it back together so it works. It now looks like a different boat. On Thursday and Friday we ought to be able to go out for our first sail. He’s suggested replacing the double blocks on the luff spar halyard (see how this stuff trips off my tongue?) with singles to make things simpler. And simple is definitely what we need.

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2 Responses to Reviews and Rigging

  1. Vivien Hall says:

    Hi Tony, this is your cousin here, she currently of London and soon to be of Moscow! Just had lunch with my mum and your dad today up here on a visit to the North East. The oldies are in fine fettle! I have read one of the reviews of your play and am fascinated by the idea of the hangar as evocative location and also the idea of layers of intersecting time. I am struggling with a piece of writing at the moment and cannot decide what to do about my sort of ‘sliding doors’ scenario! I am hoping that moving to Moscow will either solve that one or set me off in a totally different direction! I don’t have a blog nor have I ever blogged but after reading a few of my friends’ efforts I now feel that I could attempt one of my Moscow experience! I will send you the link if I get started!!! Good luck with the play, all the best Vivien

    • Tony Ramsay says:

      Hi Viv. Long time no see. The Moscow blog sounds a fine idea. Send me the link when you’ve started and I’ll sign up. Thanks for the good wishes about the play. Just back from a matinee performance. Lots of school kids. No idea what they’d make of it. Love to everyone up north. T

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