The Wood Fired Oven

Had our first meal from the clay oven.  It wasn’t really planned. We’d fired her up to finish drying out the walls and it seemed a pity not to make the most of it.  So in went some potatoes, sweet corn, and squash.It was nowhere near full temperature, though the thermometer was reading 250 C close to the opening.  The veg cooked in about half an hour.  There was still plenty of heat left in the dome so we quickly put together a casserole and pushed it into the dying embers. We’re going to leave it overnight and see what happens. If we’d been better organised we could have tried some bread.

Some cracks have appeared in the clay but these should be easy to fill.  On the whole the dome seems to be holding up well.

Update. The oven was still warm this morning when we collected the dish. I would have tasted it but 7.00am is a little early for a beef casserole. Looks promising.

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