Tacking – almost

Out to Horsey again yesterday. A half knot tide and a five knot wind.  Hardly testing for the Gypsy, but more than enough to challenge us. It’s clear we need to do some work on our tacking. Out in open water it isn’t a problem of course but in the narrow channel of the upper Thurne and the confines of Candle Dyke we’re continually stalling.

Mid-tack - facial contorsions help, obviously

My current theory is that I’m pushing the tiller over too hard and stopping us dead.  Next time I’m going to try a more progressive turn – I tend to panic when I see a quay heading sliding towards us.  And I’m probably oversteering.

In places the width of the river is only about 3 times the length of the boat which doesn’t leave much room for manoeveur. The light breeze didn’t help.

But these narrow channels can be a delight as well. Sailing Meadow Dyke is a real pleasure with Gypsy Roma creeping along from bend to bend on hardly a breath of wind.

Meadow Dyke - note the turbulent water

It only occurred to me after we’d moored up but at no point during the expedition had I frightened the life out of us. That must be progress.

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