Gypsy maintenance part 2

With one small qualification the servicing expedition was a big success.  I changed the oil in the engine and the gearbox. I found a second fuel filter tucked away in one of the lockers. I cleaned the fresh water filter in the cooling system. And I almost changed the v-belt. I managed to loosen all the right nuts and remove the old belt. Getting the new one on turned out to be a bit of a problem. In the end I phoned French’s to see if I’d got the right part. It turns out there are two different sizes for Yanmar 1GM engines. I had the smaller one. I needed the bigger one. This was my second phone a friend call of the day. The first was to I. when I suddenly wondered if the man at Halfords had advised me well on the oil. I doesn’t know about boats but he did once own the only LAPD Cruiser in the country and does know about engines. The news was good. No problem using the semi-synthetic oil. It’s more refined, that’s all.

So after a pleasant and productive morning on the boat including the glorious moment when I fired up the engine after my ministrations and it ran sweetly for five minutes or so without spewing oil I called it a day and headed off to French’s.

I swopped v-belts and bought a replacement fuel filter for the one in the locker. Just as I was leaving I told the engineer what I’d done with the oil. The news was less good. Too thin, he said. Won’t do the engine any good and might be thin enough to go where you don’t want oil to go.

Which brings me back to the small qualification.  The expedition was a big success except I have to go back and do it all over again tomorrow.

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