The Bee Man Cometh

Busy day ahead. I opened the third hive a couple of days ago and found what might be signs of European Foul Brood. It’s not certain – the suspect cells were in the outside frames rather than in the centre – but given that I’m on a watch list it makes sense to find out. So later this morning the Bee Inspector arrives to take a look. After that I’m heading down to the boatyard where Ken may or may not get round to fitting the A-frame. A good result would be the all-clear from Keith the Bee Inspector and a shiny stainless steel mast-raising rig on the boat. The alternative is less palatable and could involve burning a hive of bees.

Later: The Bee Inspector went through the hives without finding any EFB. But the hive I was concerned about did have a problem. He found wingless bees – which suggested that the autumn treatment for varroa hadn’t been effective. The other two were ok – and one was in particularly fine fettle. He advised me not to hurry with my move down the slope. Two more stops before we reach the quarry tile pads.

No sign of Ken down at the boatyard. He’d been held up fitting a push-pit at Wroxham. Signs are good for tomorrow. Apparently. I washed down the hull and left the boat looking a little brighter. It’s important not to rush these things.

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