Return of the Hens

We’ve suffered a drop-off in egg production over the last few weeks. This was not entirely unrelated to a misunderstanding about whose turn it was to shut in the chooks which in turn led, the following morning, to the presence of a large dog fox sitting on the lawn surrounded by a blizzard of feathers.  The untennanted hen house has been sitting in mute reproach ever since.

But not any more. Yesterday three new lodgers arrived – a very smart cuckoo-coloured  Maran and two bantams, a Light Sussex and a Buff Sussex. It’s just possible the bantams had heard about the fox because they spent the first half hour with their heads stuck firmly under the Maran obviously under the impression they were hidden.  Eventually the Maran got fed up and emerged to explore. They had no choice but to follow. As it got dark they were coaxed up the ladder into the nest box by torchlight. I’m hoping they’ve got the hang of things by now and this won’t have to be repeated.

It’s pouring with rain – a bit of a miserable day to get to know your new home. But never mind. The egg boxes are stacked up ready. Over to you girls.

Update: 11.30.  One of the bantams has produced its first egg.

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